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The friendly foundation professionals of Stabil-Loc have fixed foundation problems for countless homeowners in our state for many years. Our organization consists of highly trained home repair pros. No matter the size or scope of the project, we will give homeowners a free, no-stress inspection and repair quote for who need help.

When you think about safety and value, your home’s foundation is the most structurally significant part of your home, so it is important to schedule a dedicated and friendly foundation professional to your potential foundation issues. We understand that foundation repair can be stressful. We’ve help countless homeowners over the years. Our professionally-certified repair crews excel at providing prompt, professional repair service and peace of mind for our customers. Please call us today so that our dedicated foundation professionals can help you assess your foundation’s problems and provide you prompt repair services.

  • Sinking foundation
  • Problems with a home foundation
  • Leaking basements
  • Floors which slope
  • Cracks in a foundation wall
  • Mildew growth
  • Crawlspace issues

How a Basement Drain Can Prevent Basement Flooding

An interior drain in the basement of your home can collect unwanted moisture from walls, floors, and windows. Once captured into the drain channel, the excess moisture will be diverted into a sump pump. Once water collects to a certain level, the contents of the basic will be pumped out of the basic and diverted away from the home. Interior drains are used when there are floor drains that are clogged, or when there is water seeping in through windows, the cove joint , or through cracks in the foundation wall.

A Certified Structural Assessment and Repair Estimate is available today, so call us to schedule an appointment.


Our dedicated pros are extremely proud to furnish professional services for our friends in our area. So please contact us for foundation repair help today. We are dedicated to serving the unique structural needs of our customers in your local area. We will always provide the most professional and courteous foundation repairs.

Our professional foundation repair crew will work to restore your home’s foundation to its original stability in a professional and timely manner. If your home and foundation are experiencing uneven or sagging floors in the first floor of a house, musty odors emanating from the basement, insects and pests are colonizing your crawlspace, water standing around the footing of the home, cracked brick on the outside of your home, puddles of water on the basement floor, visible cracks on the interior drywall, windows and doors that are hard to open or close, baseboard and floor separation, or a noticeable sinking of one or more sides of your home , our friendly and dedicated professionals can handle any foundation problem. We are your local Stabil-Loc certified foundation specialists.



Bowed Walls

Leaning Basement Walls

A misshapen wall that is leaning into the area beneath your home is known as a bowed wall. This surprisingly common basement concrete problem is caused by a buildup in hydrostatic water pressure from the ground in your yard pressing against your foundation. Hydrostatic pressure is created when the soil around your home swells with excessive moisture. The swollen ground creates pressure against the foundation and will cause it to lean or bow into the basement space. In many cases, cracks and fissures will appear on the damaged wall which invariably allows moisture to seep inside your basement.

Warning Signs of Bowed Walls

  • Walls are bowing or tilting into the basement
  • Cracks appear on effected walls
  • Water seeping through the cove joint in the damaged area