Bartlesville, OK Foundation Repair Services

The friendly foundation professionals of Stabil-Loc have fixed foundation problems for homeowners just like you in our city for many years. Our consists of certified structural repair professionals. Our business exists to supply home owners with a free, no-stress foundation evaluation and repair quote for homeowners who need foundation repairs.

If you are experiencing foundation damage or basement waterproofing issues, please be aware that, your foundation is the most important part of your home, which means it is necessary to request a dedicated and friendly foundation professional to assess any foundation problems. The last thing you should do as a homeowner is ignore the warning signs of an ongoing foundation problems. Our friendly and helpful team of experts can help you reduce the stress and anxiety of ongoing foundation problems with prompt, professional estimates and repair services. If you see cracks in your walls or foundation or notice uneven floors, call our local or toll-free number to setup an on-site assessment and free repair estimate.

  • Foundation brick cracks
  • Unlevel floors
  • Repairing foundations
  • Mold and mildew
  • Water or humidity in a basement
  • Crawlspace issues
  • Sinking bricks

How an Interior Drain Can Prevent Flooding

An interior drain in the basement of your home will collect moisture from the walls and floors in your basement or crawl space. Once diverted into the drain channel, it will be diverted into a sump pump. Once the water collects to a certain level, the contents of the basic will be pushed out and away from the home. Interior drains are the solution we recommend when there are floor drains that are clogged, or when there is water getting in through windows, the cove joint (where the wall and floor meet), or through cracks in the foundation wall.

At Stabil-Loc, our customers satisfaction is our #1 goal. Our crew of professionals will consistently excel at customer service, prompt communications, and professionally-certified foundation and basement repairs for our friends and neighbors. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


Our team of professionals are pleased to assist homeowners in our area. So please reach out for foundation repair help today. For years we’ve been an industry-leading firm dedicated to providing services which meet the one-of-a-kind structure stability needs of our valued customers in your local area. We have been chosen by many of your neighbors to provide certified and insured foundation repairs.

Please don’t let your foundation problems linger. If you have noticed unsightly cracks in your home’s walls, doors and windows which do not work, sagging floors, and horrible musty odors after rain or heavy precipitation , we have the tools, knowledge and experience to fix your home. We are your local Stabil-Loc authorized structural specialists.



Basement Waterproofing

Controlling Moisture Under Your Home

If there is standing water in your basement during periods of snow or heavy rain, it indicates a problem that should be attended to promptly before it causes even more serious structural damage. Because water is heavy compared to soil, water will always reach any crack. Moisture will seep into your home through the cove joint, cracks in basement walls, and sometimes over the top of the foundation wall. Sometimes moisture enters your house through a leaky basement window or upward through a clogged floor drain.

Water entering your house will damage everything in its path, leaving stains on walls, floors and anything you may have stored. After a time, the seepage will eventually cause wooden joists and beams to weaken and rot. Such damage to the structural integrity of your home can lower the market value of your home. Moreover, moisture allows for the growth and spread of mold and mildew which can make your family sick.

Warning Signs of a Potential Waterproofing Problem

  • Water damage on the outside of stored boxes
  • The presence of mold and mildew
  • Musty, moldy odors
  • Standing water on the floor
  • Water stains on walls and floors
  • Stagnant water next to your foundation


For excessive moisture problems, we install exterior membranes on the exterior of your foundation, interior drainage systems to collect water under your house, and sump pumps to pump excess water to the outside of your home.

At Stabil-Loc, we see all kinds of foundation and basement repair projects. And we know more than most that foundation problems can be very stressful. But our certified foundation professionals will guide and assist you through the entire process, with clear explanations about your foundation issues and an easy-to-understand plan of action to get your home fixed up. You can increase your home’s overall value by seeing to the stability and integrity of your home’s foundation. Call Stabil-Loc today for a free assessment and no-obligation repair estimate.